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You can review frequently asked questions about Smart Edop artificial intelligence supported cognitive development and intelligence game platform, and contact us for more.

What is Smart?

Smart is an artificial intelligence-based game platform that supports cognitive skills and brain development for primary school students. Rich content such as intelligence games, math questions, reasoning, matching and puzzles are available.

What is the language option?

Smart Edop intelligence development platform is a game platform used all over the world. You can play our game by choosing the language option you want.

Who is Smart suitable for?

Smart Edop is suitable for all students. All children of the world can play our games by choosing the language option they want.

What is a parent control panel?

The parent control panel is the panel where children can monitor their progress and deficiencies by seeing the scores they get as they play Smart Edop games. You can have comprehensive guidance and insight into what children are learning.

Is Smart a paid app?

Smart Edop guarantees uninterrupted entertainment and learning with its ad-free content. For this reason, we have monthly and annual subscription packages as well as our free trial version. You can download our application to review our free trial version and get detailed information about our paid packages.

Would it be helpful for children with learning difficulties?

Smart has a brain training program for children with special learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, and content for the development of reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Therefore, it is a game application that will contribute to education and health.

What does the wheel on the game login screen do?

You can access the daily rewards by turning the wheel on the right of the game login screen. You can create your own town with the diamonds you earn based on the scores in the games and the rewards you get by turning the wheel.

Can we play the game on all phones?

From all your Android and IOS devices; You can play our game on phones, tablets and smart TVs.

Can we play Smart Edop at any time we want?

It is possible to play the Smart Edop application wherever and whenever you have an internet connection.

How many games does Smart have?

Smart Edop contains more than 550 games in its rich and original content.

Can we use the Smart application to prepare for BİLSEM?

It presents the studies that children need in the Group Screening and Individual Evaluation process with the contents prepared for the BİLSEM exams. At the same time, it helps to form the necessary foundation for school lessons and to maintain the success in the lessons.

Are smart games by levels?

Smart Edop games consist of games from simple to advanced, getting more and more difficult. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the order of the games is not determined according to a fixed order, but is determined individually based on the performance of each child.

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