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Child Development: Milestones and Parenting Tips

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Gifted preschoolers with high curiosity, improved memory, language skills and critical thinking skills compared to other children of their age can read before they go to school and show a great desire to tackle new books. They can explore their own unique interests and develop a longer attention span than other children.

Things to Do for Your Preschooler

At home, apply to preschool activities that reflect what your gifted child has learned in school (or will learn after enrollment) and trigger a desire to learn with games. You can help them discover art by using basic materials such as construction paper, glue, feathers. Tap into their musical side by having them try out rhythms using wooden spoons, pots and pans.

Inspire your child with age-appropriate videos, kids’ shows and Smart that teaches letters, numbers and words while having fun. Counting games and puzzles are one of the best ways to introduce basic math skills. When it comes to science and the environment, taking plenty of walks outside to explore the sounds, smells and sights nature has to offer is an invaluable activity.

If your child seems gifted, you can expect him to read and write right away. But remember, we have many years ahead of us. At this age, choose ways to learn that are fun for you and your child.

Giftedness Test for School-Age Children

The best time to test giftedness is between the ages of 5 and 8. The IQ test measures a person’s reasoning ability. Most IQ test scores are determined using a baseline score of 100.

How big the variance at the top end is is directly proportional to how talented a person is. However, it is important to remember that not all talented people are the same. There are categories of giftedness that vary depending on how much the score deviates from the norm. Someone who scores between 115 and 129 is considered mildly gifted, and someone who scores 180 or higher is considered highly gifted.

Achievement tests are another way to measure giftedness in school-aged children. Achievement tests serve to measure what a child already knows, especially children who do not get high grades but do well on standardized tests.

Benefits of IQ Tests for School-Age Children

IQ tests for school-age children; It enables parents, teachers and counselors to identify a child’s specific strengths and weaknesses and to better meet educational needs. Some districts have separate classes or programs tailored for gifted students, allowing them to explore topics in more depth than regular classes.

It is important to prevent gifted students from getting bored at school or to regress academically, and also to benefit from personal interests that can turn into special abilities in later life.

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